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ThessalonĂ­ki ReactJS Meetup

Get Ready to React!


We love React and we thought it would be a great idea to put together a place where people can talk, meet and share their knowledge to bring their skills to the next level.

Let's get better at doing this, together! All our events are free and formatted as hands-on workshops, so don't hesitate: grab your computer and join us!


React.js has changed the way we think about client-side applications through concepts such as the virtual dom, one-way data flow, immutable data structures and isomorphism.

This group is the occasion to meet those who are building things with React, demo your work, learn from each other and help build the future of the web together!


Join us now at our Meetup and our awesome members in Thessaloniki to learn, share and network.

This is a Meetup group for people who want to learn more about React , discuss new features, new tools, present examples and their solutions.


Do you have any specific topic for a meetup?

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